Letter: Taking from old, vulnerable and ill should not be allowed

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EDITOR - I think you might be interested in what I wish people who own caravans to know.

We had a van for more than 30 years at Kingfisher park and were very happy at Ingoldmells.

Because of real ill health, both my husband and myself had to decide to let our van go.

In January, I wrote to Lincolnshire County Council to ask for a few extra weeks after March 11.

I said I would pay for this time for someone to go and get personal items.

The outcome was that in order to get this I must pay, in full, this season’s rent.

Because the van was sold by August 1, we did get 75 per cent of this rent returned.

The fact that £1,800 must be paid for exchanging to the new owner puts folk off.

So I’ve had to go to the sales office on site.

They would only give me £300, saying it was scrap value.

Inside the van was in very good condition and our thoughts were “no way would they scrap it”.

A week ago we got a phone call from the camp to tell us it was up for sale, at £10,000 all in.

This made us so angry.

We do know that a profit must be made for sales folk, but to us it is daylight robbery.

Taking from old, ill, vulnerable people should not be allowed at all.

I have written to East Lindsey District Council at Tedder Hall, Louth, asking if they are aware of this fact and to discuss it.

My writing is a mess, but I’m waiting for a cataract operation, my second, so seeing is a problem.

Both my husband and I are over 80 years old and registered invalids, so we must thank God for all our happy times at Ingoldmells.

If this can be sorted out to help others this is our aim, so they don’t fall into this trap as we did.