LETTER: Support is available for MS sufferers


Last week was Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Awareness Week. Did your readers know that this disabling neurological disease is most commonly diagnosed in young people aged 20-30? And that it affects more than 100,000 people in the UK alone?

But while the outward signs of this disease may be clear to see, what we don’t see are the emotional effects that MS can have, which can leave those affected and their families feeling isolated and depressed.

At Vitalise - the amazing national charity that I work for - we understand the importance of being able to get away from the stresses of daily life, if only for a short while. Vitalise provides a respite lifeline for people with many different disabilities and their carers at our three accessible UK centres, enabling them to restore their strength and face life’s daily challenges with renewed hope.

While at present there remains no cure for MS - or even a proper idea of what causes it - Vitalise has a solution for those who may be feeling the strain. It’s very simple: take a break with us, relax - and remember you’re not alone!

We simply wouldn’t be able to continue giving our guests the breaks they so desperately need without the help of our wonderful supporters, whose generosity enables us to turn the hope of a break into a reality. To find out more about our breaks or ways to support us, please visit: www.vitalise.org.uk, or call us on 0303 303 0147.

Stephanie Stone, Vitalise