LETTER: Stop ruining beautiful countryside


Why do fly-tippers think they have the right to ruin our beautiful countryside?

I am of course referring to last week’s letter writer who raised the issue where he lived.

But this is an illegal activity which blights all of Lincolnshire, a beautiful rural county.

I don’t particularly want to travel down a quite country lane enjoying the view to be greeted by a sofa unceremoniously dumped in a farmer’s gateway.

And ultimately, it’s me and you who are paying for this - quite literally - as the local authority uses our council tax to clear this unsightly mess up.

It’s not as if there aren’t places to take unwanted waste like this for free - all local councils in the area have recycling centres and ‘dumps’.

As last week’s letter writer said - have a conscience. If you don’t want it we certainly don’t want it blighting our wonderful scenery.

P. Jones

Via email