LETTER: Show was great - you should have seen it!


I write to you after my visit to the ‘Enchanted’ show at the Embassy Centre, Skegness.

I was fortunate enough to win your reader competition and receive four tickets to the production by Janice Sutton.

My daughter, two grandchildren and myself watched the spectacular and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

The dancers, from the youngest, who could only have been three or four, through juniors to seniors were amazing, professional and fully rehearsed to put on such a wonderful two hour show for their audience.

To compliment the talent of the dancers were superb costumes in every colour imaginable and backdrops that threatened to take your eyes away form the performance as you scanned their every detail.

Finally, the singing, by not only the main characters but also by the two lead children and the troop themselves, was excellent and rounded off a brilliant afternoon for my family.

The Embassy was only a third full and although the event has been advertised well I believe Skegness families and those living in the area should switch off the TV, put down the controls of the Xbox and the like and go to enjoy our local entertainment, use the facilities in town and have a lovely day out.

Paula Hill

Via email