Letter: Sale chaos causing potential death trap

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EDITOR - Here we go again, a Saturday morning and Sea Road in Chapel St Leonards turns into a potential death trap.

The cause, as usual at this time of year, is the start of the car boot sale at the village hall.

I pay my rates to our council and this is a formal complaint.

We have paid for a large car park facility behind the Spar shop, and it is signposted, so why do we allow ignorant car drivers to park anywhere they like on a Saturday morning?

I do hope the council do not think of repainting the double yellow lines in this area, as this will be a total waste of taxpayers’ monies, because no one takes the slightest notice of these.

This situation will only get worse as the summer progresses and more visitors arrive.

It is coming to council election time and I for one will abstain, and I urge other villagers to do likewise unless a local councillor can assure us that before a very serious accident/death occurs, steps will be taken by the authorities to stop the death trap parking and heavily fine the offenders.

I for one would quite happily, and for free, take the offenders’ number plate details and pass them onto the police.

We have CCTV situated outside the village hall. Whoever is viewing this must look forward to car boot sale Saturday morning just to view the chaos, it is better than Police, Camera, Action.


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