Letter: ‘Public meeting’ is needed over GP plan

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EDITOR - I am a resident in Chapel St Leonards and I am fully aware about the plans for the Beacon Medical Practice wanting to buy another piece of land to build a new surgery and retail pharmacy to improve their services.

There is an objection currently running in the village due to the location of the proposed site.

I for one have objected to it mainly on the condition that it is too near to the school.

I have a child who attends the nursery and I think it is going to be dangerous, especially due to the increase of traffic.

I have no objections to them wanting to buy another piece of land, just that it be in a better location away from the children.

I have also heard a lot of rumours from residents saying that if the planning doesn’t go ahead then the surgery will close.

I know this is just hearsay, as I have personally spoken to the practice manager and discussed these rumours with her.

She told me that under no circumstance will the surgery close, and the village will always have a surgery, either in the same place or just relocating elsewhere so that they can improve their services.

I have also heard from a lot of people that this new proposed surgery will have 40+ car parking spaces.

Well if they were reading the same document as me then they would know that the new surgery will have only 27 car parking spaces for customers, two motorcycle spaces, three disabled spaces and five bicycle spaces.

It is all well and good in getting everybody to go for this new surgery, but no-one knows what these new services will be until the planning has been approved and the surgery has moved.

These additional services should be made public prior to the approval, by means of a public meeting in the village, so that the residents know what improvements are made.

Name and address supplied.