Letter: Please give us shelter on the beach

EDITOR - Over the last few weeks the shelter near the lifeboat station has been demolished.

The council say it was not safe and needed repairs. It has left an empty space which has been tarred over, and the council are saying they will put seating where the shelter stood.

Surely we need a new shelter for people so they could stand under during showers?

We are now coming towards the holiday season when at some time, people will need to shelter from heavy showers or heavy rain which may be prolonged downpours.

I myself can’t understand why the council are not putting another shelter up.

We want holidaymakers to enjoy themselves on the beach, but to have no shelter during showers will mean loss of trade to the shops at the beach, as they will move to the town wet through, and not come back to the beach on a showery day.


Dorthy Avenue