LETTER: Pier Field is an asset to the town


You only have to look at the photograph on the front page of this week’s Skegness Standard to see what a lovely open space Pier Field is, how it lends itself naturally to the status of an ‘Asset of Community Value’ and the prospect of losing it is inconceivable.

As has already been said, we have already lost many such amenities. We have many excellent hotels, again, as has been said, another hotel is not a ‘visitor attraction’, as that is to my mind what the main part of the seafront should be for, but would be most welcome on another suitable location.

People in Skegness will remember the times that wonderful events have taken place there, and can do so again and we need to see new attractions that families are able to enjoy together.

The field has been used as an extra car park in busy times, which brings in extra revenue and has been used many times in the past for special occasions and events which have been well attended.

Visitors and residents love the area. Its openness offers freedom for picnics and games and dog walking.

It is adjacent to the town council play area, which as town mayor 2009-10 I and my husband had the pleasure of officially opening, and is a popular place for local children and visitors alike.

It is close to the waterway and the beach, making it ideal for the kind of attractions that are able to encompass and enhance the whole area and could become one of our most sought after attractions if allowed to be developed as an ‘Asset of Community Value’, after all, families, fun and enjoyment are what Skegness is all about.

Pat Phillips

Burgh le Marsh