LETTER: Orby bypass and Ingoldmells roads are ‘accident waiting to happen’


Last year highways closed the road between the Orby bypass (at Ingoldmells and Trunch Lane).

We the people who use that road believed it was to resurface the road.

It was closed for three days.

When it opened, they had not resurfaced the road but had took the street lights down.

The road is now dangerous because as you come from Ingoldmells past the first layby, you come to a blind bend.

You do not need to have full beam on coming to it but you have to dip them because you cannot see if any cars are coming the other way.

Why could they not have turned every other light off, one on, and one off, up to the garden centre? Instead it is like Blackpool Illuminations at Trunch Lane.

On the other side to this a hedgerow has been slashed and smashed and it is in a disgusting mess. This hedgerow would have helped protect the road from the weather.

I believe, and others think, it is an accident waiting to happen.

Mary Lewis