LETTER: New convenience store ‘will not benefit local community’.


EDITOR - I refer to your article in the March 12 edition of the Skegness Standard, ‘Speaking out about plans for a new shop’ and remembered reading the previous week, the ‘We sell to locals and buy from locals’ article.

It was a lovely piece about employers putting back into the community.

What a shame the local council feel it is in the best interest of the community to open another shop, which I believe is a ‘OneStop’ shop’ a subsidiary of Tesco’s within close proximity to two local convenience stores and on an already busy junction.

The role of a council is to make a difference to the quality of people’s daily lives and prospects and balance the needs and interests of the residents.

Another shop is not needed however, the quality of people’s daily lives will be affected by noise and traffic problems in a residential area that houses schools and elderley accomodation.

OneStop say it will create 10 new jobs, on what contracts? And what of the jobs of the people in the two convenience stores in the area? They surely will be affected if this is to go ahead.

The council have suggested residents can voice their opinions at a three minute public speaking session, in Manby, that many will not be able to attend due to work, caring commitments and or transport problems. Why were they not given the opportunity in Skegness?

I cannot understand why all this time and efforts is being wasted on something that is not needed or wanted and certainly will not benefit the local community.

Addresss and name supplied.