LETTER: Never seen A52 in such poor state


Never ever have I seen the A52 to Skegness in the condition it is in at the moment.

Each day another pothole appears.

This is the main route to a premier resort of the East Coast, what will the holiday makers and caravaners think, as they drive along this road on their way to Skegness?

I am a private hire operator in Wainfleet and travel this road, as others do, on a regular basis and I am getting tired and fed up of the hammering my cars are taking.

My tyres are not lasting the length of time they were and at £160 per tyre, this is no joke.

Wheels are also getting buckled and tracking is having to be checked on a more regular basis because of the condition of the road surface.

Before long or through the season, there is going to be a accident, drivers are weaving to miss the potholes and concentrating on missing

them more than their


LCC highways say they are going to resurface this road, ‘subject to funding in 2015’, but because of the condition of the road at the moment, I cannot see the road will last that long.

Who, when there is an accident is going to accept the responsibilty?

No doubt it will be the motorist.

M. Rust