Letter: More questions than answers

EDITOR – After reading Mr Howells’ letter last week, I believe it has raised more questions than answers.

Firstly, is Mr Howells a paid officer or a political spokesman for the council? Secondly, he states the social houses built over the last few years have been built for local people, but I and the many local people on the housing waiting list will disagree strongly as the social landlords have to take tenants from a national waiting list and cannot give preference to locals.

Thirdly, and I think this is the greatest indictment, he states that the council have reduced the cost of refuse collection by £100,000 a year without any loss of service.

If this is correct, the council should be investigating how many years the service has been mismanaged, who by and whether there are other services squandering this sort of money?

Perhaps in his role of head of paid service and chief executive, the buck may stop on his desk.

Whilst on the issue of savings, two years ago the council decided to give itself (ie, all of its staff) an extra days holiday.

Would it not be prudent to sacrifice this perk that comes from tax payers’ funding prior to slashing any more of our services?