LETTER: Let’s have nurses trial in Lincolnshire


A £25 million scheme is being trialled for mental health nurses to be based at police stations and courts and from what has been reported to me it seems a sensible and long overdue initiative.

When I was a Lincolnshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust (LPFT) Governor for the borough of Boston, one of my colleagues Geoff Catlin took the initiative in contacting all the police forces in England to try to assess whether such provision was available and I wrote the questionnaire to this affect nearly two years ago now.

Looking at the LPFT website there does not seem to be any mention that Lincolnshire is one of the areas chosen to pilot this scheme.

If this is the case then it is a pity, as LPFT rightly took the lead in this aspect of mental health and I do know that some Lincolnshire Police officers are trained in this aspect of their work and I understand there is a mental health suite at a police station in Lincoln.

If Lincolnshire is not part of the pilot scheme is there any possibility of LPFT joining it later, or is it just another example of a rural county being left out again in initiatives as regards to England?

Peter Dorr