Letter: It is not just a word on a page

EDITOR - I have just read this week’s Skegness Standard and was stunned with disbelief by Coun Stephenson’s statement as chair of East Lindsey District Council.

I thought all the turkeys had been eaten at Christmas! Who is she (or her speech writer) kidding?

When she states ELDC will deliver ‘a healthy, prosperous and vibrant area’ - where? Marks and Spencer and Rose Bearings have gone from Skegness, half our shops are empty and the planners won’t give permission for any new businesses, in case we get flooded some time in the next 200 years.

The council are actually stopping businesses from creating new jobs.

I know of two local businesses trying to create around 40 new jobs, paid for from private business profits, not the taxpayer, and ELDC have strung their planning applications out for nearly five years so far, still without a decision.

That doesn’t sound like an ambitious organisation keen to build local property, councillor. In turn, the council blame the environment agency, an un-elected, undemocratic, bureaucratic dinosaur, which doesn’t even have to make a profit, being totally funded by the taxpayer.

“It’s out of our hands, the environment agency don’t like it” they say. Does that sound like a council looking to grow the local economy and building on our strengths?

Not to me it doesn’t, nor in the minds of local businesses and the unemployed who are paying the price of this self-satisfying arrogance from a council who are actually doing nothing and haven’t done anything for years, except deliver more bars and drunks to Skegness seafront.

They couldn’t even build a decent bus shelter for Skegness out of the £7m they made selling Richmond Drive to Tesco!

Think again, councillor, your press agent needs to find out the truth before writing your speeches, because you’re kidding no-one! Action is a verb, not just a word on a page.


South Parade, Skegness