Letter: I understand need for a central refuge, but why on earth one quite so wide?

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EDITOR – I have to write about my concerns over the new bus stops on the A158 near Poppy’s Resturant.

I fully understand the need for a bus stop and therefore the need for a central refuge for pedestrians but why on earth one so wide?

All those who travel on the A16 between Boston and Spalding are aware that there are a number of central islands but none as wide as this new one.

Are they expecting the whole of Waste Savers staff to huddle in the middle of the road at the same time!

The other problem is that the bus stop for traffic travelling towards Burgh is far too close to the island itself and therefore, even if the road is clear ahead, when a bus stops to pick up or drop off passengers, overtaking becomes very difficult and impossible for lorries or coaches.

You can see where a vehicle has already gone over the kerb of the refuge at this point.

Unfortunately, I foresee that with the holiday season just starting and without a red “change to road layout” warning sign, a serious accident is likely to occur, by someone misjudging the width of this refuge and then losing control by either having to brake suddenly or after colliding with the kerb of the refuge.


Wainfleet Road

Burgh Le Marsh