Letter: I’ll do my best: A vow I won’t break

EDITOR – I would like to reply to the letter from Jamie Anderson on your letters page, titled ‘Local councillors have failed to keep promises’.

It seems both Coun Anderson and Jamie Anderson failed to listen to the response I made at the Skegness Town Council meeting, and a figure of £77,000 was never mentioned.

The facts are: the government grant for Lincolnshire for highway damage during the winter of 2009/10 amounted to £2,787,300.

Works undertaken in the Skegness area include: A52 at Croft, £20,000; A52 Roman Bank, Winthorpe, £75,000; A52 Roman Bank, Skegness, £40,000.

The two Roman Bank schemes are expected to be complete before the end of March 2011, while the Croft scheme has already been completed.

On a ward by ward basis, Skegness would receive £74,000 if the grant were spent proportionately across Lincolnshire.

Due to the continued efforts of Coun Ken Milner and myself, Skegness received almost double its share of this specific grant, with £135,000 being spent in the immediate area.

East division highways has two pothole patrol vehicles operating in the southern half of the district, and one vehicle continues to spend a good proportion of its time in the Skegness area, with main roads remaining a priority.

The charge for this service is not £77,000.

Additional planned works from the divisional maintenance budget likely to be completed by the end of March 2011 include specific work on Grand Parade, Skegness, and Church Lane, Winthorpe.

Further schemes will be planned from April, when the new financial year starts.

If any individual, resident or town councillor knows of specific potholes that are causing concerns, then both myself and Coun Ken Milner would be pleased to receive exact details so they can be added to the list held by highways, and dealt with on a priority basis.

In terms of making promises, when campaigning for the county council election I made only one promise, and that was to always do my best for Skegness, and that is one promise I will never break.

Jamie Anderson also criticised Coun Ken Milner for his absence from the town council meeting. I know that Ken had urgent family business to attend to and that he had sent his apologies to the clerk as they were read out at the start of the meeting.


Skegness North Ward