Letter: Hospital needs your help

EDITOR - The Skegness Hospital Watch meeting was held at the Crown Hotel, Drummond Road, in February.

This was the chance once again for people to air their views on the final government proposal on the way and how hospital services are to be run in Skegness.

The main change is the replacement of the A and E to an urgent care centre, and this is what I am writing about.

To make this centre work more efficiently and save hundreds of people having to travel to Boston and Lincoln, we can all help by donating to the hospital watch and help buy blood testing machines.

I know we have mentioned this in the past, but until we raised the issue again, we found out there are three types of machines to give the full testing range.

Alongside the league of friends, we have enough funds between us to buy one machine, requiring around £28,000 shortfall to buy all three.

This requires all of us in Skegness and the holidaymakers who visit the town and use the services a lot throughout the season to help with any small donation they can possibly make.

People can help by end of season collections or donations from caravan sites they are on.

Any business owners in or around the Skegness area could make a donation direct, no matter how small, to help raise the extra money, or maybe even sponsor an event.

These testing machines can predict the onset of strokes and heart attacks, and many other life-threatening complaints that lots of people suffer from.

The government’s proposed changes to the health service, I feel, do not mean more money will be available to be provided for this type of equipment.

With the different groups and representatives who attend the meetings, there is enough funding to buy the first machine.

The representatives from the health service we have been meeting with over the past two years are fully behind what we are trying to do and this project would be a tremendous step forward with our personal health care.

Letters will be circulated around the area with regards to this project.


Skegness Hospital Watch