Letter: Hope at long last we will have a town plan

EDITOR - Four years ago, town and parish councils across the country were given the opportunity and public finances from central government to produce a forward thinking plan for their locality.

This allowed communities and organisations to discuss what they believed was needed locally in improving services and quality of life for residents and business people.

This vision of the future document had a start date of 2010 and was to cover that decade, a similar exercise had also taken place at the turn of the century.

In Skegness, the town council formed a working party made up of community organisations under the title of Skegness 2020 Vision, with its inaugural meeting in October 2007.

Many meetings followed and a number of roadshow events took place asking residents their opinions on a number of topics.

In September 2009, a questionnaire was delivered to households asking people of all ages to put a list of options in order of preference. This was to have formed the basis of a town plan for publication in early 2010.

Now, almost a year later, there is still no indication that Skegness is about to produce a town plan.

The previous town clerk is to leave the job shortly and the council, though not directly responsible for producing the plan, is about to be dissolved with elections next month.

One hopes that at some early stage, Skegness will at long last be able to publish at least a nine-and-a-half year town plan.


Jonathan Drive, Winthorpe