Letter: He should try Numpty Party

EDITOR - If there was ever a letter printed in the Standard to arouse local feelings it has to be the item by Mr Hardaker of Wednesday, January 12.

He said he was pleased that Marks and Spencer had vacated the Lumley Road premises, they were too dear and you could see which were the shops that were needed by how busy the other ones were.

Yes, that’s right, let’s fill the town with charity shops and £1 ‘ragger malls’, that’s the way to take Skegness forward.

It is his choice where he shops but surely on such a touchy subject he would be best favoured to keep views like this to himself.

Not only is it the loss of good jobs, but the fact that there was an 18,000 signed petition and a delegation of councillors that went to talk with Marks and Spencer hierarchy to try and stop the closure, that I probably think he stands alone with his views.

If he thinks that he would like to pursue a career in politics, I suggest he tries the ‘Numpty Party’.


Hoylake Drive