Letter: Good shops will always attract customers - traffic or no traffic

EDITOR - If Lumley Road, Skegness, was pedestrianised, much outgoing traffic would come from the Clock Tower into Drummond Road, and then Sandbeck Avenue.

This avenue would be constantly blocked because of Tesco’s traffic lights.

Vehicles from the lawn car park and other turnings would never get out.

Sandbeck Avenue would become a main road, and would require no waiting on both sides of the road, permanently.

Those dangerous trees must be felled before their overhanging branches smash into double deck bus windows, or into the faces of passengers on open top buses.

Remember too, hundreds of visitors are shepherded across Drummond Road near the junction of Lumley Road by steel railings.

With all this extra traffic coming from the Clock Tower, they will need a pedestrian crossing for their safety.

Failure to do this will lead to confusion and injury.

Lumley Road must not be pedestrianised. Remember, good shops, cafes, etc, will always attract customers, traffic or no traffic.


Grimsby Road