LETTER: Fully agree with letter about A52


I couldn’t agree more with last week’s letter writer concerning the state of the A52 Skegness to Boston road.

Some parts of this road are a disgrace, what with all of the potholes.

This road is bad enough at the best of times, but now it’s a complete nightmare.

I appreciate that the county council doesn’t have a bottomless pit of money - but a fund half as deep as some of the potholes on this road ought to be enough!

And it needs doing properly - no quick fixes please.

I am also slightly annoyed that some keep highlighting it as a main route holiday makers take to the coast. While I agree this is an important reason to bring about these improvements, so is the fact that this road is used by people who live here on a daily basis. We deserve better too!

Come on highways, make this route a priority.

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