LETTER: Don’t save money at any cost


It’s all well and good the council trying to save money - and they’ve told us in no uncertain terms they need to with government funding cuts.

But I hope these savings do not come at a cost to services.

I am referring to last week’s story about the thumps up being given to a new charitable trust being set up to take care of leisure services. This includes Skegness’ Embassy Theatre and the town’s pool.

Over five years it is reported this will save East Lindsey District Council £1 million. Now, I know £1 miliion is a lot of money - but over five years this breaks down to £200,000. Again, this is a lot of money. But is it really a lot to run all of these services?

I just hope the charitable trust is given the support it needs.

And I do hope the services can be safeguarded and even improved if this opens up access to further funding.

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