Letter: Could be doing more

EDITOR - In response to your article on the lack of gritting in last week’s Standard, I think it is undeniable quite how treacherous the roads and pathways were in and around Lincolnshire.

But it seems clear Lincolnshire County Council are trying to do as much as possible to deal with the ongoing situation of these cold snaps.

I feel that under the Coalition government’s plans for the big society, we could be doing more to help ourselves by setting up local resident and business groups to organise a volunteer system to grit areas around our schools, businesses, and particular areas of concern which seem to be left out.

I feel that if we work together as a community, and liaise with LCC and local government agencies to provide us with the necessary equipment to do this, then we would help them in helping us.

I myself will be looking at ways of implementing this in the Winthorpe area.