Letter: Concerns a matter of personal opinion

EDITOR - I would like to thank Coun Colin Davie for such a prompt response to my previous letter and confirmation, if any were needed, why I choose not to vote or appear on the electoral roll.

I wish to assure Coun Davie that perhaps surprisingly to people like him, my concerns are a matter of personal opinion and nothing to do with party politics.

I believe that the future of Skegness and its people should be beyond political divisions.

As far as I can see, we’re all in this together and I would have thought that councillors of all people would listen to and act on behalf of the people who live here, but not Coun Davie!

What was his first call of action when he read my letter? To go off searching the electoral roll to see if he can find where I live.

Amazing he has time to do that when the future of Skegness is hanging in the balance. And what if he did find me?

How ironic that a Conservative councillor is acting in the finest Stalinist/Orwellian political tradition of “Don’t you dare speak out because we know where you live!”

Perhaps Coun Davie and his colleagues of all parties should actually listen to whoever wrote in this week’s paper, begging East Lindsey District Council to work with businesses to create new jobs, etc.

Who knows, we might then see something actually happen that gives us hope for the future and I can stop writing to you!


South Parade