LETTER: Beach was full of rubbish


I am contacting you as a concerned visitor to the East Coast on reasonably regular occasions.

Last week on Tuesday, July 29, my wife and I visited Ingoldmells to see our granddaughters who were staying with their other grandparents for the week. They had all been there for a few days during which time they had been down to the beach on a number of occasions.

On this particular time we all visited the beach once again and I was astounded at the amount of rubbish which had been left behind. If I were to list all the items I would be writing for some time.

This was a matter which clearly had not been addressed since a previous visit last year. Not only that, as we went around the area, most of the rubbish bins were full to overflowing. Exactly what is the local council doing about both of these problems? It is evident that all the monies flowing into their coffers are not being used to address the right issues.

If they are to continue to solicit the support of the general public, both as holidaymakers and day visitors, they need to 
make some positive 

Paul Simpson

Vail email