Letter: Beach cleaned

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EDITOR - I write to you in relation to your article “Tax money better spent on clearing litter from beach”.

Having looked into this issue, the reason for a lack of signs is due to the Environment Agency replacing the railings where the signs are normally found.

The lady was actually approached by the dog wardens, who were making their routine checks.

The reason to not have dogs on the beach in the area from the Sea View pullover leading down to the South Parade car park, is to maintain our Blue Flag beach accolade which is highly important to the town.

Taking into account what was said about the importance of exercising dogs, there is the use of the rest of the beach all year round other than in this stipulated area.

The beach is not litter-picked during the day so as not to disturb people using the beach for pleasure. But it is raked on a daily basis, first thing in the morning, and left spotless, and the rubbish on the walkways is collected two-three times daily.

On the comments regarding “astronomical council tax and cuts to services”, I would just like to point out we have one of the lowest council taxes in England, and have had no front line cuts unlike other areas.