Letter: Be proud of Janice’s efforts for your town

EDITOR – My husband and I have been visiting Skegness for the last 20 years and every year the highlight of our holiday is to go and see the Janice Sutton show at the Embassy Theatre.

We never fail to be impressed by the wonderful costumes and the exceptional talent of the young people on the show.

A friend of mine recently sent me a report of how Janice had won the Carl Alan award, an Oscar in the world of dance.

I would like to congratulate her and everyone else concerned because it is a well deserved achievement.

Skegness should be so proud of what she has done for the town, and give her the support she so richly deserves for all her hard work.

I live in the north east and nowhere is there anything to compare with this wonderful show, not even in a big city like Newcastle.

Once again congratulations Janice, and we look forward to seeing another wonderful show in August.


South Shields

Tyne and Wear