LETTER: A bit more foresight would have helped


You just couldn’t make it up could you!

I am, of course, referring to last week’s front page article in Skegness.

So Lincolnshire County Council decide to resurface Lumley Road - hooray everyone cries!

Ah, but there’s an issue, the road is in a much worse state than highways chiefs realised.

So instead of resurfacing work it needs reconstruction work.

OK, so just do the full job, right?

Wrong! There isn’t enough money in the pot to do the whole stretch of road, so only part of it is being done. With the promise of the rest being done when more cash becomes available.

I know there isn’t a bottomless pit the authority can dip into, but surely some better foresight here would have prevented this mess?

If we are trying to give holiday makers, and locals, the best possible experience then our roads network has a big role to play.

I don’t know many people who like driving along a road full of poatholes - and anyone looking for a bumpy ride can find that at the fun fair in town!

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