Let’s get back to the basics

EDITOR - After reading Cllr Davie’s letter in last weeks standard my mind was drawn to the cultural masterpiece ‘A Christmas Carol’.

Obviously Cllr Davie has been visited by the ghost of Jacob Marley, or one of his friends.

For him to acknowledge it is wrong to write nasty letters regarding the political decisions taken by people who dare to question your own political beliefs either shows he has been converted or has not read his own letters sent to your paper.

ELDC functions in the belief that democracy is controlled by the executive board and even the rank and file councillors are not capable of decision making or even knowing the majority of what is going on at the council.

It has forgotten it has statutory duties such as planning, refuse collection, housing facilitating, disabled grants and environmental services.

These are all being cut to subsidise leisure centres and other nice but not necessary provisions which are provided by the private sector.

The time has come to get back to basics, use the money collected from the general public for the good of the majority of rate payers.

As Mr Churchall and one of the replies stated ELDC has got to work with investors and developers before this district becomes a waste land, devoid of all manufacturing or tourism development.

Giles A Crust,