‘Legitimate opposition to Tories’

Editor - In response to the letter from John Cowpe. It appears that the Conservatives now seem to be scaremongering by suggesting that if you vote UKIP then it is a vote for Labour.

Let’s be clear that this is absolute nonsense! Firstly, we have just as many ex-Labour voters now voting for us as we do Conservatives. This became evident in recent by-elections in Rotherham and Middlesborough where we took mainly Labour votes.

We also live in a democracy and if people believe in what UKIP is saying, then they should vote for UKIP and not be scared into voting for the failed old parties.

The Referendum on EU membership was in the 2010 Conservative manifesto and believe it or not was also in the Liberal Democrat manifesto (as well as the Labour party’s I might add).

Therefore, why are we not having one? There is a mandate for one as both parties are in a coalition and promised this.

If the Conservatives honestly believe that the British public believes their party’s lies about having a referendum (if they win the next general election) then their party appears more arrogant than ever. David Cameron also said in his speech, if we did have a referendum, the Conservatives would be campaigning to stay in the European Union.

If you want to leave, UKIP is the only party people can truly support and the only party of opposition in British politics.

Since the Conservatives got into government, we have had a massive increase in immigration from Eastern Europe. It has not gone down well. It is soon to get worse in January 2014 when we open the borders to people from Bulgaria and Romania.

In response to your comment about Ramsey Town Council. It is one of the finest run Town Councils in the country.

The UKIP Councillors who sit on the authority do a great deal for the community and it proves that UKIP is not a single issue party. We are a serious party with a full manifesto locally and nationally.

Cllr Peter Reeve, who is UKIP’s Local Government Spokesman, a UKIP County, District and Town Councillor said, ”Like all UKIP councillors, we believe in rolling up our sleeves and getting on with the work that needs to be achieved in our local community. The Conservatives talk about localism - we are actually practising it.”

If you believe that we should have control of our own borders, stop sending £55 million a day to Brussels and have the right once again to make our own laws, then UKIP is the only party to vote for.

Cllr. Robin Hunter-Clarke (Skegness UKIP

Town ouncillor)