‘La Tapas is a great restaurant’

EDITOR - On our frequent trips to Skegness from Notts we always buy the Skegness Standard to read.

On one of our visits when we got home I did the competition to win a meal at La Tapas, the new restaurant on Lumley Road - and what a lovely surprise when we were contacted by the Standard to say we had won a meal.

Well yesterday, on a not so sunny day, we came to Skegness to take advantage of our prize. We sat upstairs at a window seat at La Tapas watching the world go by enjoying our pre-dinner drinks and awaiting our fresh cooked meal - and what a great meal it was.

Thank-you to Darren for looking after us. The food was delicious.

I had typical Spanish tapas whilst my husband had a meal from the grill menu, and the desserts were ‘wow’, really lovely.

We needed a walk along the seafront to loosen our belts. A big thank-you to the Skegness Standard for running this competition. La Tapas is a very good addition to Skegness.

The decor and seating is very comfortable, and it’s good to see an old shop made good to brighten the High Street.


MRS C. ROSE Nottinghamshire