Jobs ‘can be found here’

Editor - I write in response to Coun Mark Anderson’s comments in last week’s Standard.

From the article headed “Incapacity benefits not ‘way of life – Councillor”, it seems Coun Anderson feels it would be better for recipients of this benefit to keep receiving it, as there is a lack of jobs.

However, although the town does struggle with jobs, I managed to find on the directgov jobs website alone 38 permanent jobs offering 30 hours or more, and 88 jobs ranging from seasonal to permanent, all over 16 hours.

I am sure those willing to take these types of jobs would be able to benefit from some form of tax credit to help boost their earnings, so in part alleviating the burden on taxpayers. More money could then go in the pot for frontline services.

This was purely looking in one place for jobs, not looking at local press etc.

In the article “Funding row erupts over coastal skills cash snub” Coun Anderson says we have been snubbed over the £200,000 government grant, saying he would like in part to have seen it come to Skegness, in view of Educational Maintenance Allowance and course cuts. Yet he seems to forget about the Skegness Academy receiving £19 million to upgrade and improve the school, offering many courses pupils would have to travel out the area for.

And let’s remember his part in asking for a referendum on Church Farm Museum when the town has over £120,000 in reserves which would have paid to save the site and bring more tourism.

It begs the question is Coun Anderson for Skegness as all he seems to do is criticise and never puts forward positive ideas or promote our wonderful town?

Mr C S Macey,

Church Lane, Winthorpe.