‘Janice Sutton dance show was wonderful’

EDITOR - I just wanted to write and say how wonderful it was to see Janice Sutton Productions Gotta Sing Gotta Dance at The Embassy Theatre on Friday night.

It reminds me of where I came from and where I really started to learn my craft, which has made me the determined, driven guy that I still am today.

I became a part of the Janice Sutton theatre school in 1986 after hounding Janice to let me join.

It was by far the best dance school in the North East and I used to travel from Grimsby as this was the only teacher I wanted to learn from.

In my time at Janice’s, as well as taking all the classes in technique, I performed in numerous shows, thrown in at the deep end but learning from this wonderfully professional environment Janice has created.

Being a part of them gave me a true taste of what the business is about and I’ll never forget being “bitten” by that bug when I was in Janice’s presence.

This year’s show was jam-packed with amazing costumes, production and choreography.

No other school could give their students these opportunities and I have a lot to thank Janice for.

I thank you again for all you’ve done for me and consider myself blessed that I am still able to achieve my goals with the integrity and spirit you instilled all that time ago.

She directs with a firm hand but a kind heart, teaching professionalism and integrity whilst always having fun.

I am now a West End director and choreographer as well as a proud patron of the school.

Janice’s inspiration will always be with me and it is an honour to come back to Skegness when I can to see the shows, which are as magical now as they were back then. Janice is more than just a dance teacher, she is a pioneer, an inspiration to young performers and a friend.



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