Is access available to all on our coast?

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EDITOR - I want to enquire about the mater of access on the seafront at Winthorpe.

From the public footpath across the golf course to the beach you are able to walk right through no problem, but when you reach the end of the footpath, you are met by two locked and bolted gates.

Furthermore, there are at least three-foot high piles of sand at the bottom of these gates, so access to the beach is down steps.

You are restricted from walking left or right along the seafront paths. If the tide is in you have to turn and go back from whence you came. I think it is mostly to restrict walkers, bikers and children in buggies from using the paths. We dog walkers who use this are not doing any harm. We are responsible and clear up after our animals and also the rubbish we find ie cans and bottles etc.

If it is because of safety reasons, then they should gate off Roman bank, the beach and North Shore Road, where numerous golf balls are found even in the gutter outside East View Terrace.

We would be responsible for our own safety, we stop to let the golfers take their shots and do not invade the golf course. I do think it is a bit mean to spoil our pleasure of walking on the seafront.

I always thought it was access for all. I never knew that people could purchase a bit of coastal paths, sadly this seems to be the case?

Mrs M Wallage

York Way