Ingoldmells rubbish woe

EDITOR - I am replying to the article in this week’s Standard.

I have been coming to Skegness since I was a youngster and since 2001 have owned a caravan in Ingoldmells, and since retirement last year, spend most of my time here.

I think Skegness is as good, if not better, than some of the larger resorts, but I feel that Ingoldmells is now the area which needs more attention with regards to mess in the streets and verges, especially in the Vickers Point area.

Last year, my wife emailed the parish council to complain about the way Anchor Lane is left after the weekend, and up to the present day, has never received an answer.

There seem to be litter bins, but people just throw litter on the pavement and verges, sometimes as near as two to three yards from the bins.

It seems to us that there is an element of people who come to the area who have no respect for what can be, and sometimes is, a pleasant place to be.

It sometimes makes us wonder what they are like in their own home towns, as Skegness is not the only place to be experiencing these problems.