‘Incensed at green waste charging plans’

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I have only found out about East Lindsey’s consultation recently regarding green bin charges for collection after seeing a letter in the Skegness Standard (last week).

I have sent this to multiple readers as I don’t feel the local feelings on this issue are being appreciated and I have tried to access the ELDC consultation but it is not active on their website.

How are they to get a true view of the people of East Lindsey if we don’t know anything about it? Why have questionnaires not been put in doors as the green bins are collected? And we also can’t even comment on the consultation.

I’d suggest that the deadline date is extended as who knows how long their website consultation has been inactive and this means local people have not been given the opportunity to respond.

The council introduced green bins to encourage green recycling and now we are all recycling they want to penalise us for doing so!

Our council tax is not low and we struggle to pay monthly as I’m sure do the majority of the people in this area. Lincolnshire is not renowned for its good living wages and a high proportion of people are on the minimum wage.

Undoubtedly green waste will be put in the main bins if a charge is introduced and there will be more dumping on wasteland and fires to get rid of it. In our road we share green bins when we have high levels of cuttings and this works really effectively.

If this goes into effect I can imagine large areas of the Seacroft dunes becoming dumping ground for garden waste that people can’t physically take to the local recycling centre (which incidentally is now only open Friday to Monday).

We are very privileged to have a large garden with long 15-foot high privet hedges and a huge abundance of birds living in them. This needs trimming at least bi-annually and composting is not an option. By charging for green waste East Lindsey District Council will encourage even more hedges and green areas to be paved over when as a nation we should be encouraging the reverse.

I’m sure a lot of people would be interested to see what other areas could be cut back on at East Lindsey Council and I’d be happy to be involved in any local consultation on this.

For instance we have 59 councillors in our region – what do they all do? In my job I am regularly assessed for efficiency and effectiveness, perhaps it would make an interesting consultation for each councillor to let us the council tax payers know what they actually do for the local community to justify their salary, how do they spend their time and what areas they think could be changed to make our council tax money spent more cost effectively.

This would be an idea to spread across over member of staff for ELDC.

Mandy Lewis

Albert Avenue