Improve GP cover at bank holiday weekends

EDITOR, At the recent Skegness Hospital Watch meeting a number of residents voiced their anger that both GP Practices were closed for long periods over Christmas and New Year.

Surgeries were closed from Christmas Eve reopening on Wednesday 29, then again from New Year’s Eve reopening on Tuesday 4 January. One patient at the meeting was “appalled” at this, saying he believed there should have been at least one GP on duty at each of the two main surgeries on all bank holiday dates.

Whilst this committee usually advises residents to take surgery issues up with respective Practice Managers, on this particular occasion we fully support the demands being made. Closure of surgeries for such long periods put additional pressure on A&E department at Skegness Hospital.

Staff there, we understand, coped extremely well despite being at times short staffed due to flu bug and poor weather conditions.

Whilst this may have been a one off incident with festivals happening on two consecutive weekends, we are very concerned that this could happen again this time in April.

Easter is then followed at the end of same weekend by two bank holidays, royal wedding and May Day, which could result in surgeries being closed for four days each time. This at a time when there will be a much greater residential population than at Christmas and potentially thousands of holiday makers visiting this area.

Skegness Hospital Watch asks that both Practice Managers put in place a much improved level of GP cover over these two April weekends.

John Orgine,


Skegness Hospital Watch.