‘I am in agreement over beach signs’

EDITOR - Firstly, I support Coun Carl Macey with regards to signs on the sea front and the beach cleaning.

With regards to the lady who was approached by dog wardens in relation to walking her dog in the restricted part of the beach, there are signs up stating no dogs between May and September between Sea Lane and South Parade up to Princes flood gates.

The beach has always been raked every morning, so if people can’t obey the signs then pay the price.

Also, who is Peter Green? How can a man from Louth condemn Skegness? He is the type “I am alright, up yours!”

He has no room to talk considering East Lindsey District Council flagship Louth has had more money spent on it than Mablethorpe or Skegness.

If he is moaning about Skegness he wants to stay in Louth where he lives, and go to the leisure centre in which ELDC spent millions on which could have gone to Mablethorpe and Skegness.


Dorothy Avenue