‘Hosepipe ban is not Anglian Water’s fault’

EDITOR – It is not Anglian Water’s fault that Skegness council can’t water their plants, they are running out of water.

The fault lies with our politicians who continuously refuse to introduce rainwater harvesting into the building regulations.

During years of normal rainfall 80,000 litres of water falls on the average household and it is currently wasted. Toilet flushing is over 30 per cent of domestic consumption. Washing machines 12 per cent and garden use and car washing five per cent. All of which could be served by harvested rainwater with a back up from a main supply.

We now have a situation where Anglian Water are laying a pipe from Louth to Boston to supply houses that are discharging up to 80,000 litres of water per annum into the river and out to sea within hours.

During the rain of the last week, millions of litres of water have fallen on the roofs of houses in Skegness, it’s now in the North Sea.

The problem is our houses have always been designed to waste 80,000 litres of water per annum, they should have been designed to save 80,000 litres - there would have been no problem then.

I doubt very much whether our politician will ever introduce rainwater harvesting into the building regulations.

I’ve been suggesting it to them now since 1994 and no interest has been shown.


Station Road

Burgh le Marsh