‘Haven for travellers idea in Chapel is ludicrous’

EDITOR - When I read the letter from P A Millward last week suggesting that Chapel St Leonards should welcome travellers, I thought ‘How very philanthropic’.

However, after reading to the end of his letter, it transpires that he comes from Nottingham.

Perhaps he would like to welcome these travellers to Hawthorn Road, Pinxton, instead, and the cost to the tax-payer to clear up after them, when they finally leave (if you’re fortunate and they do leave).

His contention that ordinary visitors are the same as travellers is both ludicrous and insulting to the holidaymakers who come to Chapel St Leonards and abide by the law and contribute to the local economy.

Chapel St Leonards’ infrastructure struggles to cope in the summer months as it is, without inviting those who have no intention in contributing anything to the area.

The statement from Mr Millward that travellers would stay well away from local residents is just totally ridiculous.

I find his letter unbelievably naive and somewhat bizarre in its content.

Could he have written it specifically to stir up controversy or as an exercise to gauge the opinions of the residents of Chapel St Leonards?


Chapel St Leonards