‘Has letter author been inside building?’

EDITOR - As a resident of Skegness for the past eight years, there have been three businesses destroyed by fire, and two are now back in business.

I find the letter in last week’s edition, from G Brittain, and his views of Grand Central totally confusing.

Has he even been inside to view the quality and comfort of this venue? Okay, the outside of the building is still a working progress.

Would Mr Brittain sooner have come to Skegness in the high season and walked along Grand Parade to have to walk around scaffolding and a building site?

Since the re-opening, my wife and I have been to a Vegas show, I use the bar regularly and also my son and his girlfriend like going there.

The business has obviously been thought about with its range of publications. Also to be taken into consideration is that before the fire, this was a venue with a capacity of 300 but when finished it will be an entertainment centre for all ages, with a capacity of around 1000 plus.

I think this was very forward thinking by the owners to leave the building in a safe condition and to be continued in the close season when most holidaymakers and visitors that keep the town going will not be around to be disrupted during their breaks.

As for Edinburgh Road, if the gentleman had taken the time to look around and visualised a finished article, the shopping plaza and entrance into Tower Gardens, I am sure he would have had a different opinion.

I just hope Mr Brittain visits when this venue is completed. I also noticed that there were no comments regarding the ‘eye sore’ boarded-up site that actually burnt down before Grand Central.