Halal meat No need for halal slaughterhouse

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EDITOR - I would like to write a response to the article about the halal slaughterhouse in last week’s Skegness Standard.

Mr Patel claims he has had orders from as far afield as Poland with all the publicity he has had over the media reporting of people’s outrage of this place opening.

What he fails to mention is that the reason he has had orders from Poland is because a few weeks ago Religious ‘ritual’ slaughter was declared to be against the law in Poland.

Let’s hope the rest of Europe follows suit and gets this practice banned.

In 2013 there is no need for this type of slaughter, it belongs in the middle ages.

With only five per cent of the UK population being Muslim, there are enough halal slaughterhouses to satisfy the needs of so few, why open another? Because people are unwittingly creating demand by buying it.

The fault is not that of Muslims, they cannot buy it either as it’s unlabelled. Muslims are not to blame for the high saturation of halal meat in the UK, they are not demanding it, slaughterhouses have jumped on a way to produce cheap meat by using the no stun methods used in halal and kosher methods.

When new labelling laws come in then the public will finally have a choice in supermarkets (if it is done correctly) but restaurants and takeaways will still continue to sell it with people unaware they are eating it.

As for creating local jobs, the workforce moved into the area when the place opened, so technically they are local now, but they weren’t before.

I have been personally been ‘verbally’ attacked by people using the race card because of my animal welfare concerns and it sickens me.

UK Sikhs and Hindus are not allowed to eat halal meat either and many were members on my Facebook page before I closed it down last week.

With regard to the BNP and National Front, if anyone is responsible for bringing them to Skegness it was the person who rented the premises to Silverside.

They had already planned their first demonstration long before the Facebook page was created.

Thousands of people in and around Skegness do not want this place here and hundreds of thousands across the UK are fighting the same fight and I doubt any of them belong to any racist party and that includes me!

Race and religion are separate issues and animal welfare is another.

I respect people’s religious views, but I draw a line under religion where cruelty starts. There has to be a compromise and I am hopeful one day it will be found, so that everyone can be accommodated.

Teresa Turner