‘Funding poorly used buses is not a good use of money’

EDITOR – Four hundred people are said to have signed the petition [November 9 edition] against reductions in bus services on the coastal strip.

If these people had actually used the services there would be no need for a reduction in them.

Bus services are run by private companies and they decide on the viability of services. These services are not commercially viable.

The county council has previously funded them on behalf of the taxpayer but with the need to insure value for money, an analysis of the passenger numbers clearly shows that these services are not used by enough people to justify continuing with them.

The number of passengers on the evening service ranged from three to 16 and on the Sunday service between five and 25.

The cost of subsidy for the evening service is £510 per week so for the winter period that is a total of £9,775. The services operate in the holiday season because they are financially viable. The Sunday service needs a subsidy of £371.07 per day.

The political motivation behind the petition, which is a further attack on the county council, shows the parallel universe many people now live in.

The last government has bankrupted the country and left behind a whole class of people with their hands outstretched who contribute nothing to the public purse.

That government wasted billions on stupid projects that have had to be abandoned.

As a result times are tough. Government nor councils have money of their own. Every pound they spend belongs to the taxpayer.

Those who work and pay taxes, so those who don’t can live on benefits are getting very angry about the society in which we now live.

It is those who work, on low incomes and the self employed who are struggling through and who are continuing to pay the taxes to try and get this country out of the mess it was left in.

We have an absolute duty to them to insure every pound of their money is spent to the maximum benefit of local people.

Funding under-used bus services is not a good use of precious taxpayers money.