‘Foundation will help us achieve goals’

EDITOR - With regard to the letter “Academy status plans are simply privatisation” from last week’s edition of the paper.

I do not wish to get into a political debate regarding the Academy System, which is now enshrined in legislation, but I would like to correct some of the statements and assumptions made by the author relating directly to Skegness Grammar School.

The fact that David Ross was the co-founder of Carphone Warehouse is widely known.

I am not sure what relevance that has to his status as the head of The David Ross Foundation.

The fact that David is also a donor to the Conservative Party again has no relevance that I can see.

Perhaps Mr Peel could enlighten us as to the actual relevance.

I would be very pleased to receive clarification regarding his statement that “the Grammar School should be wary of where its money comes from”.

Perhaps Mr Peel could enlighten us with regard to this. The Grammar School funding will be provided by the government, as it always has in the past.

Next, if Mr Peel had cared to ask, he would know that there are no capital costs associated with Skegness Grammar School becoming an academy and therefore no requirement for The David Ross Foundation to meet any part of those costs.

As for the influence over both the school’s curriculum and ethos, Mr Peel could not be more wrong.

The David Ross Foundation wishes to become involved in the school because of the ethos that already exists and is more than happy for the plans, which were formulated months before he became involved with the school, relating to a widening of the school’s curriculum, to progress as desired by the school itself. If this was not the case then the governing body of the school would not have entertained the notion of joining the foundation.

As I have already alluded to, the governing body of Skegness Grammar School have spent several months looking at all the implications of the school becoming an academy.

The original decision was to become a stand-alone academy. Subsequently, it has become clear that the school can achieve its aims of improving the already excellent education of its pupils, far better within the David Ross Foundation family of schools than as an independent stand-alone academy.

The most important priorities of the Governing Body, Senior Management Team and Staff of Skegness Grammar School always has been and always will be the education and welfare of the pupils.

We firmly believe that becoming an Academy within the David Ross Foundation will allow for the enhancement of those priorities and provide stability for the school into the future.


Vice-Chair of Governors

Derby Avenues, Skegness