Fed up with wind farm spin machine

EDITOR - Regarding the current public consultation being conducted for the Triton Knoll offshore windfarm proposal, I see RWE’s Mr Hain acknowledges the fact that ‘the consultation is about telling people about the scheme’ (‘Windfarm firm in call for Triton Knoll views’, 15/06/11).

I had hoped perhaps this year we would get more fact and less spin than we did about the substation proposal last summer, where PR releases were economical with the truth and RWE representatives outright refused to attend any meetings where members of the public would be present.

It made a mockery of the whole point of a ‘public consultation’.

However, from your article alone it is clear the RWE spin machine is fully operational.

Mr Hain cites that China is building 20 times more windfarms than us and therefore it must be the right thing to do and infers therefore the UK is behind China.

Omitted is the information China is approximately 40 times the size of the UK with 20 times the UK population.

Therefore our windfarm-to-population ratio puts us EQUAL, plus per head of population they have twice the area available. And please remember that not long ago, China were building TWO coal fired power stations A WEEK.

Does Mr Hain feel we should have been copying this also? No, I didn’t think so.


ELDC - Wlloughby and Sloothby Ward