‘Extend the tourist season to aid area’

EDITOR - As a local resident of Skegness I feel sadness when I read of the imminent closure of some of our town centre stores.

What can be done to help the economy of our town in this recession?

From my point of view it is staring us in the face - extend the caravan season.

We have a ready-made economy here that closes down at various times at the end of the season.

Why have a season, why not open or have a choice to open for 12 months of the year? Caravans are now well insulated for winter use.

Not only will it help the shops and businesses but also put more money into the council pot, as those that choose to stay for 12 months will also pay ‘Band A’ council tax.

Others may like to enjoy winter weekend breaks in their caravans.

It is important to utilise what the town has to offer, a ready-made economy that is crying out to be extended.


Compton Close