‘EU migration is a real issue’

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EDITOR - I write regarding Ben Peel’s letter that UKIP is scaremongering on unlimited mass EU migration into the UK.

It’s obvious that he has not lived around here that long or his job is not in the local community.

Boston and the surrounding area is totally unrecognisable from what it was years ago. The area can not sustain any further migration.

The effect of this mass migration has destroyed Boston beyond recognition and you appear to be blind to some of the consequences.

Local British people can no longer get jobs on the land or in factories. The minimum wage has now become the maximum wage in most cases - that’s if you’re lucky enough to get a job in the first place.

Local people who used to do these jobs prior to 2004 are now sat at home watching day television, costing the tax payers millions of pounds to sustain them in housing or benefits. This is whilst the migrants are sending the majority of their money that they earn out of the community and the country.

They are stretching our housing, schools, NHS, dentistry, courts, police, benefits system to breaking point, after all one can not make withdrawals from a bank if you have not paid into it in the first place (our MPs don’t understand this fact).

We need to re-instate full border controls with an Australian style points visa system.

The EU can not be reformed because the Lisbon Treaty is a self amending treaty, the Lib / Lab / Cons have been rattling that old sabre for too long.

So we need to be trading with the EU on a free trade agreement on a par with Norway and Switzerland, two of the most prosperous countries in the Europe (this is what the UK signed up to, but they were lied to by our politicians).

Yes the EU affects our trade with the rest of the world because we have to abide by their tariffs and cannot trade out side of these, this makes the UK less competitive.

We are sending £53 million per day in taxes from the UK to the EU (these figures are provided by the open europe group, which is a pro-EU organisation).

Let’s say we scrapped the European Human Rights act and our foreign aid program, this would save the UK over £15 billion per year.

If you want to know what UKIP policies are Ben go to www.ukip.org, you will be surprised what you see there. It’s about common sense.

Re the member you related to; unlike other parties that ignore misdemeanours UKIP act on them and once they knew about this disallowed him the opportunity to stand for UKIP in any capacity.

UKIP also carry out full enhanced police back ground checks on all of its MP and MEP candidates. That’s more than can be said for the Lib / Lab / Cons!

Re Robin-Hunter-Clarke I cannot understand your quip here, after all a councillor should represent the needs of the residents that elected them and not follow official party lines at local council level.

I have spoken to lots of people in his ward and they have the greatest respect for his actions and abilities, this is where UKIP leave local councillors to serve the needs of the residents and not to have to follow party instructions.

Chris Pain

UKIP Boston / Skegness Chairman

Gibraltar Rd, Skegness