‘Don’t let taxation hit caravanners’

EDITOR - Thirty years ago the Tories under Thatcher sold one of our prized assets - water. An industry that had been built up over many years with taxpayers’ money.

Although 80 per cent of the public, according to opinion polls were against the sale. Billions that could have gone into the public purse went into private pockets.

Now, even though water prices have rocketed, plus the cost of living, the Tories under Cameron want to make up the short fall by a 20 per cent VAT levy on caravan owners’ water bills.This is obscene and to tax it is immoral.

This will destroy the caravan industry and the tourist industry. We took our eye of the ball with the 20 per cent added on new caravans, we were sidetracked and anyone who thinks that the government should take the top 20 per cent off a glass of water in VAT must be stupid!

Caravan owners, write to your local MPs because make no mistake, if this is allowed to happen, it will happen to house holders next! This should be detailed in the house, petitions should go up! I will be writing to my MP.

Stan John J Jones,

John Street,