Don’t camp in our car parks!

EDITOR - I am disappointed and angry that, firstly, some people deliberately ignore official warning signs, and secondly, they are allowed to get away with it because the authorities do not enforce their regulations.

I refer to the way that so many people take their caravans onto our beach car parks and camp there, often for days and even weeks in the summer holiday period.

Apart from the fact they leave litter and rubbish, it is totally unfair to those people who pay to use the properly registered sites, and of course to the proprietors who run these sites.

Imagine what it would be like if everyone chose to camp on car parks such as Moggs Eye.

There is no excuse for not enforcing the regulations, as every caravan has a registration number, or a car towing it has one, so identification, which is often a problem, is easy.

Indeed, it might be worth passing these numbers on to the police, inasmuch as if they flout such notices, they may well also consider tax and insurance regulations do not apply to them too.

I realise the excuse may well be proffered that there is no funding for such resources, but that is also silly.

Just let the work out to a local contractor, and make the fine so high that it is worth them doing the job.

Alternately, do a random patrol and again make the fine viable, say £100 on the spot or £250.00 if paid later. It is executed on pay car parks without difficulty.