Cruel halal practice is simply not on

EDITOR - I feel I must speak out against the proposed opening of the halal slaughterhouse. No doubt much of the public will now be aware of the type of procedure used in the actual slaughtering, but to briefly reiterate: Following being tied up the animal is winched up with its hind legs and whilst remaining fully conscious has its throat cut.

Does dislocation also take place with the heavier or struggling animals? It probably does!

It is common knowledge that animals have a heightened awareness and those awaiting slaughter will sense death and the suffering of others. In this day and age this unbelievable cruel practice is just not on.

Apart from the main issue of animal welfare, has anyone really considered the residents and many businesses in that area and how it could affect them? It seems not. For instance, there is a diner just metres away which is in full view of the abattoir.

There is a public footpath running alongside the building and in the past when it was a general slaughterhouse, how awful it must have been for innocent children walking by to witness the arrival and unloading of distressed animals and to smell the dreadful odour from the building. Often they could be heard screaming, not only by those working in businesses close by but by the residents on the nearby housing estate. How much worse this will be with a halal slaughterhouse.

I have respect for those with certain religious beliefs which are important to them but could they not allow the animals to have as little pain as 
possible with the use of the stunning method?

My fellow petitioners and I have already collected hundreds of 
signatures which are increasing 
each day against the start of this 
horrific method of slaughter in the town.

Briony Lill